5 Ways To Make Money as a teenage entrepreneur All Online (Make $10,000 A Month)

Here I am going to give 5 real ways to make money as a teenage entrepreneur. Whether you Creating-Income-As-A-Kidare looking for a summer source of income or just want to make an income,  I give 5 real ways here.

I am not talking about mowing lawns, walking dogs or any 10$ an hour thing. These methods if taught well and executed properly can help you make

I am not talking about mowing lawns, walking dogs or any 10$ an hour thing. These methods if taught well and executed properly can help you make $10,000+ a month.

Some people would be happy with a $1000 a month imagine $10,000 even $2,000. With that much money, you can invest more in yourself and make money work for you.

You could be making more than your own parents.

Side note this blog post is the main funnel to other blog posts. What I mean by that is this blog post is more general and if you want to learn more about a certain system just click it.

I recommend bookmarking this page and trying out all these formulas. All millionaires do not get rich by doing just one thing they have multiple streams of income.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

  1. Kindle Self-Publishing-Basically you are writing and self-publishing your own books. The
    potential for this is insane. There a lot of millionaires doing this. Click here to check out what the top Kindle self Publishing courses are and my personal review on them. Learn from someone with 200,000 subscribers on youtube.

2.Domain flipping- This method is definitely tied for first place. What is domain flipping? Buying a domain and selling it. No need to create your own website or fix it. Just buy it and sell it. Learn more about how one person makes close to half a million dollars domain flipping here.

3. E-commerce (Dropshipping) – Amazon has huge potential with 35 orders per second. Want to learn more on how to make a six figure income read this blog post. While eBay process $1000 every second. I personally made $2314 selling on eBay in 13 days as a 14 year old. Unfortunately, I do not have a blog post on it yet, however, I will add it as soon as possible and insert the link here.

4. Freelancing- Do small jobs for business owners online. $4000 dollars a month with very little work. Want to know what freelancing is and more click here to read my blog post. Freelancing can be a stable income and you can learn a lot from it.

5. Start a fashion business- It doesn’t if you are 6 or 60, boy or girl if you are good the possibilities are limitless. Click here if you want to read my blog post on how to make $15,000 a month as a fashion designer and how you can too. This is placed #5 due to the difficulty in getting started you can’t just do this online sadly.

And there you have it, 5 real methods and formulas that can make you 6 figures. One thing I can guarantee is if you try all these methods you will find one way that suits you.

However, make sure you do not run in blind. How do you not run in blind? Read an in depth for all 5 business plan/methods I mentioned. I created a more in depth blog on all of 5 of these.

Kindle Self-Publishing-Become a book writing millionaire ( Even if you suck at writing give it a shot)

Domain Flipping- Make a $1000 a day (Doesn’t seem possible, well it is, check out this post to see how it is)

E-Commerce (I explain the potential and I make thousands using this method myself check out how I do it, Blog post is still being created will add the link once it is ready.)

Freelancing (In this post I explain what freelancing is and how to create this marvelous side income)

Fashion Designer- Learn the tips and tricks one person uses to create their very own 15,000+ a month fashion empire.