Freelance blueprint-Make $4000 a month with only 8 hours of work

Freelance could be a new strong a consistent source of main or side income for you.


Make money from your desk freelancing

What is freelancing? Freelancing is a self-employment in which you provide your services to people. Services vary from Copywriting, Development or design life coaching blogging SEO Marketing graphic design Photoshop.

Learn from a top rated freelancer how he makes $8000 a month as a freelancer. I personally have too many other business models to keep up and running.

This is a great foundation for young entrepreneurs and being a freelancer can teach you valuable lessons as management and social skills.

Learn from a top rated freelancer how he makes $4000 a month as a freelancer.

Especially for young entrepreneurs, this is a great foundation. If you are just getting started I recommend starting here.

Here is a quick overview of what can be found in this E-Book

  • Account Setup
  • Secret Sauce
  • What To Sell On Fiverr With Only Minimal Work
  • Gigs That Take Talent/Time But Are In Demand
  • Dealing With Fiverr Users And Professionalism
  • Getting Your First Fiverr Review
  • Getting Your First Orders And Getting The Ball Rolling
  • Buyer Requests Section
  • Getting Repeat Customers
  • Getting Your Gig Featured On The Front Page
  • Up-Selling And Cross-Promoting Gigs
  • How To Tell If A Gig Is Doing Well Or Not
  • Encouraging Gig Extra Sales
  • Achieving Fiverr Success
  • My System: 8 Hours Of Work A Week
  • Road To A Top Rated Seller
  • Protecting Yourself As A Now Successful Seller
  • How You Could Make More Than $4000 A Month
  • And A Lot More!!!
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  • This is not passive income
  • May take a little while to get sells
  • Takes a time investment like everything else

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Overall Freelancing is one the best ways to make money the best way to learn how to do it is to learn from the pros (Top Rated Seller on Fiverr)

Another great addition is this is what the author has to say about his book

For those of you who can’t read the blurry photo, it states.

”Just go ahead and buy the book with confidence! I offer a 60-day money back guarantee no questions asked. In the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with this book and you don’t think it’s helping to make money on Fiverr just contact the site and a refund will be issued. The risk is entirely on us.”

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